Weekly Classes

Berkshire Tai Chi runs regular weekly classes at all levels from Absolute Beginner to Advanced. Some are held during the day, some during the evening, and others at the weekend.

The website lists full details of all current class times and locations.

Berkshire Tai Chi Weekly Classes

Access is either via the Introduction to Tai Chi programme, or on the basis of previous experience which might fast-track you into an existing class. If you are not sure which class is suitable for you given your background, please contact us for advice.

If you are new to Tai Chi, we explain elsewhere what to expect at one of our classes.

We do not run classes specifically for older people. Age is less important than personal fitness, and we do not believe in teaching tai chi exclusively for health and fitness without any martial element. We aim to teach a comprehensive syllabus, and the martial aspect is indispensable in Tai Chi. In fact, to quote from Tung Ying-chieh’s “secret method”, ignoring applications is an obstacle to making progress in strengthening the body….it is absolutely necessary to study the applications.

We also co-host Master Chen Yingjun when he visits the United Kingdom and his seminars are open to all our students, subject to them having the requisite experience.