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Tai Chi in the Workplace

Stress at work is a major concern to all socially responsible employers.  A report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills dated May 2013 revealed that workers are now more stressed and more worried about keeping their jobs  than at any time since records began over 25 years ago and job-related well-being has actually gone down since 2006.

Group Tai Chi practice in the workplace is particularly valuable in helping to counter the negative effects of stress.  As a regular feature of the day’s work, it can also be a useful way of building team spirit, focus, and group cohesion, thereby making a significant contribution to improved commercial performance.

Besides building regular practice sessions into the daily regime. Tai Chi-based workshops can also be inserted into corporate training and stress management programmes as well as wider corporate hospitality events.

How can Berkshire Tai Chi help?

Our Tai Chi and Chi Kung (energy exercises) – based programmes regulate and deepen the breathing. This generates energy whilst helping to calm the mind and the emotions. When the mind and emotions are allowed to become calm, the nervous system will likewise be soothed. Concentration increases, and people can think more clearly. This enhances decision-making and creative problem-solving capabilities.

Posture is improved, and better balance and physical co-ordination enable the body to work more effectively, reducing the likelihood of an individual sustaining back problems and strains, or suffering injury as a result of falling.

The immune system is strengthened, improving general health, whilst tolerance to external stressors is increased thereby helping to reduce the number of working days lost and performance whilst operational.

Berkshire Tai Chi can help you to design and deliver suitable programmes, either in-house or for external events. We will also organise Relaxation Days, or longer Group Retreats, in beautiful and tranquil rural settings to help you and your team de-stress and return to work better equipped to face the rigours of modern life.

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