Master Chen’s 2017 Visit a Great Success!

This week’s visit to Berkshire by Master Chen Yingjun was our most successful ever, with record numbers, a more ambitious programme, and superb instruction (as always).  We also had friends from further afield this time around; from Bulgaria, Germany, France, and – a record so far – from Brisbane in Australia!

A great time was had by all our students and there was much to be learnt and internalised, so our training for the remainder of the year will be very clearly focused.  We were particularly pleased to hear that Master Chen was very impressed by the positive and enthusiastic attitude of those who attended the seminars and we aim to build on that in preparation for his visit in the New Year.

Berkshire Tai Chi supports “Charter for Trees”

Berkshire Tai Chi supports various charities whose aims are to improve the quality of life for local residents.  One of these is the Woodland Trust and on Monday, 6th November 2017, the 800th anniversary of the influential 1217 Charter of the Forest, the Trust will launch the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. We believe local people will benefit immensely from such an initiative, and the new charter will recognise, celebrate and protect this ancient connection between woodland and local people.

Be a part of this historic moment, sign the Tree Charter to show your support for its principles.

Berkshire Tai Chi helps establish Chen Seminars UK

Berkshire Tai Chi has co-hosted Chen family master Chen Yingjun for several years on his trips to Berkshire, and we have now formalised the arrangement with our fellow organisers by setting up a dedicated organisation, Chen Seminars UK.

The aims of Chen Seminars UK are to promote Chen style Tai Chi Chuan across the United Kingdom; to make world class teaching by established, internationally-acclaimed Masters available to students from within the United Kingdom and beyond, and to foster international study links between the United Kingdom and sister organisations around the world.

A representative of Berkshire Tai Chi sits on the managing Committee of Chen Seminars UK .