About Berkshire Tai Chi

Philip Larsson - Berkshire Tai Chi Owner and InstructorBerkshire Tai Chi was set up in 1996 by Philip Larsson and Trevor Priest, both students of Karel Koskuba and founder members of the Chinese Internal Arts Association.

Grand Master ChenMaster Chen Yingjun
The School enjoys direct training links to the Chen family which developed Tai Chi Chuan around 350 years ago; from 1999 onwards through Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and more recently – since 2002 – through his son, Master Chen Yingjun.  In 2005 Philip went on a study trip to the birthplace of Tai Chi, Chenjiagou in Henan province, China, and since 2013 we have co-hosted Master Chen Yingjun on his regular visits to Berkshire.

In addition to the regular weekly classes held at our various centres around the Royal County, we offer the option of Private Lessons for students looking to accelerate their learning and for those who prefer to learn one-to-one.   We can also provide speakers for Talks & Demonstrations as well as support for Special Needs programmes. In particular, we have experience of working with Parkinson’s sufferers, recovering cardiac patients, people with learning disabilities, and the elderly (including the memory impaired).

Assistant Instructors: Leigh Blyth, Martyn Liddle, Chris Nicolaou, Debbie Postlethwaite.