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Chen Yingjun Seminars

Every year we join with like-minded teachers to co-host Master Chen Yingjun on his visit to the UK and so keep alive traditional Chen family Tai Chi training of the highest quality.

This year Master Chen will be holding seminars from 11th till 14th November.

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Welcome to the official website of Berkshire Tai Chi, one of the Royal County’s oldest Tai Chi schools. 2016 marks our 20th year teaching across Berkshire.

We offer instruction in two family styles; Chen (the original style of Tai Chi devised over 350 years ago), and Yang (the most widely practised style worldwide).

Besides our weekly classes we also offer a comprehensive range of services for both individual students and organisations, with the aim of making authentic Tai Chi as widely accessible as possible to the residents of Berkshire.

We hope you enjoy your visit and find everything that you need. If you can’t, please contact us for further assistance.


  • Master Chen Yingjun will be visiting Berkshire again from 9th – 16th November.  For seminar details watch this site.